2016-2017 New Members

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2017 CAA President Nate Fisher would like to welcome the following new members to the Association:

New Primary Members

Coastal Ridge Real Estate Partners
Representative: Jay Harkrider

The Woda Group, LLC
Representative: Tanya Corbett

The Seneca Apartments
Representative: Tasha Intriere

Representative: Joseph Speakman

Barrett and Stokely
Representative: Brandon Wells

Nolan Real Estate 
Representative: Geneva Yager

Sunnyview Management
Representative: Robert D. Curl

New Associate Members


IGS Energy
Representative: Tony Szymczak

Davey Commercial Grounds Management
Representative: Jess Griffith

ALN Apartment Data, Inc.
Representative: Patrick Searcy

JLL Capital Markets
Representative: Paul Smith

Community Green Landscape Group
Representative: Tony Newport

123 Wellness Inc.
Representative: Jeremy Purcell

Bradford Xteriors Inc.
Representative: Jason Shumway

Leverage Capital
Representative: Dean Melchi

Trane Residential
Representative: Schawn Walthall

Signature Worldwide
Representative: Barry Himmel

Representative: Patrick Regan

BG Multifamily
Representative: Kris Burleson

Gaddis & Son, Inc.
Representative: Randal Gaddis

Fire & Ice Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.
Representative: Cynthia Hutson

Landlord Web Solutions
Representative: Jason Leonard

Stove Ranger, LLC
Representative: Jon Mardin

123 Exteriors, Inc.
Representative: Fred Grove


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