2018 New Members

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2018 CAA President David Holzer would like to welcome the following new members to the Association:

New Primary Members

Miller Valentine Group
Representative: Tonya Beckner

Main Street Renewal
Representative: Chad Kyle

The REllis Group at Key Realty
Representative: Rob Ellis

Stanford Glenn Property Consultants, LLC
Representative: Tom White

Treplus Communities, LLC
Representative: Geoffrey Arthur

Venice Properties
Representative: Nick Lamatrice

New Associate Members

SVN Wilson Commercial Group
Representative: Mike Rodriguez

Ikos Holdings
Representative: Blake Noecker

Cooperative Business Services
Representative: Leslie Biskner

Anchor Security and Logistics
Representative: Scott Walker

DD Water Restoration
Representative: Rick Rasberg

Brothers Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning
Representative: Jason Oyer

Red Energy
Representative: Taylor Jarvis

AllShred Services
Representative: Wayne Goodwin


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