Community Shelter Board Seeks Landlord Partners to Reduce Family Homelessness

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Community Shelter Board (CSB) and our partner agencies are urgently seeking landlords willing to prioritize available rental units for homeless families. Due to tightening housing market conditions, the family emergency shelter system is experiencing an all-time high number of families in shelter and an all-time high length of stay in shelter. The result is a shelter system that is operating well over maximum capacity, with families staying in overflow shelter accommodations that will soon be needed for single men and women during winter weather conditions.

CSB specifically seeks landlords with available 2+ bedroom units at or below fair market rent that can be prioritized for families for October 1st lease up. Incentive payments are available for landlords responding to this request, including $750 for every family in shelter who signs a lease with a start date of 10/1 or sooner, and $500 for every lease with start date between 10/2-10/15. An additional bonus of $750 will be offered for every 5 executed leases by 10/15. CSB will assist families with initial move-in and stabilization costs, as well as access to a new Loss Mitigation Fund in lieu of additional security deposit and/or last month rent payments. For further information, please contact Erin Maus, CSB System Manager, at