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Building Teams


Teams are sometimes automatically formed due to departments or brought together to form a committee or simply in the same market and hence, become a team. However, the team was comprised, team work and building a team is essential in obtaining top performance for the organization. This workshop explores the size of the team, if the team has complimentary skills, is committed to a common purpose and performance goals, and if they are holding each other mutually accountable. These are the basic components of a team. But the success of the team depends on the team and organization’s Emotional Intelligence. Team Awareness, Team Management, Organizational Awareness and Organizational Awareness are explored in terms of team trust, identity and sense of efficacy. Finally, the stages of team development: Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing are all discussed. Throughout the workshop participants are lead through activities to help them discover how they are doing as leaders in their own team building with the content that is being covered. This workshop concludes with a self-developed Action Plan.

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