Dave Anderson
Homestead America

Philip Barcus
The Barcus Company, Inc.

Megan Batty
The Sherwin Williams Company

Ted Bloom
Baker Rental Company, LLC

Don Brunner
BRG Realty Group, LLC

Ron Burson
Gorsuch Management

Jodelle Carder
The Woda Group, Inc.

John Connor
C & G Investment Associates

Fred Damsen
Roger C. Perry & Co.

Brad DeHays
Connect Realty, LLC

Dave Fisher
F&W Properties, Inc.

Nate Fisher
F&W Properties, Inc.

Bill Fritsche
Fritsche Corporation

Justin Garland
Showe Management Corporation

Wayne Garland
Buckeye Real Estate

Steve Hess
Kohr Royer Griffith, Inc.

David Holzer
Commercial One Realtors

Brett Kaufman
Kaufman Development

Mike Landrum
Crawford Hoying

Mike Lange
ABLE 444-Roof

Alan Litzelfelner
Central Management Company

Marlene Mahoney

Bob Mickley
Buckeye Real Estate

Mike Miller
Michaels & Kohl, Inc.

Dana Moore
Oakwood Management Company

Scott Newcomb
Newbury Properties

Randy Palmer
Colonial American Development

Steve Papineau
Shelby Management

Rebecca Perry Damsen
Roger C. Perry & Co.

Tammy Potts
T&R Properties

Chris Rohrbacher
Schottenstein Property Group

Deborah Rurik-Goodwin
Edwards Communities

Brian Schottenstein
Schottenstein Real Estate Group

Don Seager
Seager & Associates, Inc.

Neil Sethi
Landis Properties

Andrew Showe
Showe Management Corporation

Carrie Sitterly
Sentinel Real Estate Corporation

Scott Solomon
Oxford Realty

Darrell Spegal
Wallick Communities

Mark Wagenbrenner
Wagenbrenner Management

Brian Yeager
The Champion Companies