Founded in 1969, the Columbus Apartment Association (CAA) was created to serve the needs of the multifamily housing industry. The CAA received its charter for an affiliated association of the National Apartment Association (NAA) in 1970. Since then, it has maintained strong leadership and membership. Starting with a few members and growing to over 330 members, CAA currently represents more than 104,000 multifamily units.

CAA Hall of Fame

The objectives of the CAA are:

  • To promote, advise, and protect the general interest in the construction, ownership, and management of multifamily housing by uniting those engaged in this business;
  • To uphold the dignity of the property management profession and to acquire and disseminate useful business information among its members;
  • To promulgate and enforce a Code of Ethics for the purpose of maintaining high professional standards and sound business practices among the members of the Columbus Apartment Association;
  • To organize, produce, conduct, manage and operate educational schools, facilities, seminars, classes, lectures and such other educational forums, in or about the central Ohio area, from time to time, for the benefit of the Association and the multifamily housing industry;
  • To receive, disburse and allocate charitable funds received from various benevolent trusts and other benefactors to worthwhile recipients in the apartment management educational programs.

It is the constant goal of the CAA leadership and administration to keep the CAA in touch with the industry dynamics and with its member’s needs of today.  The CAA also strives to keep an eye on the issues of the future and keep well organized and focused on its purpose, so that it will remain cohesive, united, energetic and ready to address effectively the issues of tomorrow.

CAA Past Presidents

  • 1969-71 Dick Greer
  • 1971-72 Seymour Luckoff
  • 1972-73 Bob Ransom
  • 1973-74 Ken Mercer
  • 1974-75 Bill Lemmon
  • 1975-76 Dick Stone
  • 1976-77 John Dragoo
  • 1977-78 David Roth
  • 1978-80 Leonard Schottenstein
  • 1981 Ted Steilen
  • 1982 Ted Kohr
  • 1983 Sanford Goldston
  • 1984 Earl Shurtz
  • 1985 Chuck Adrian
  • 1986-87 Roger C. Perry
  • 1988 David Houze
  • 1989 Leonard Gorsuch
  • 1990 John Connor
  • 1991 John Wymer, CPM
  • 1992 Dick Stevens
  • 1993 Kevin Showe
  • 1994 Gary Smith
  • 1995 William Fritsche
  • 1996 Ronald Burson, NAHP-e
  • 1997 Wayne Garland, CPM, CCIM
  • 1998 Randy Palmer
  • 1999 Pat Igoe
  • 2000 Andrew Showe
  • 2001 Phil Barcus
  • 2002 Michael Miller, CPM, NAHP
  • 2003 Rebecca Perry Damsen
  • 2004 Dave Anderson, CPM
  • 2005 Jodelle Carder, CPM
  • 2006 Darrell Spegal,CAMT, CAPS, SCHM
  • 2007 Scott Newcomb
  • 2008 Dana Moore
  • 2009 Brett Kaufman
  • 2010 Alan Litzelfelner
  • 2011 Steve Hess
  • 2012 Fred Damsen
  • 2013-2015 Scott Solomon
  • 2015-2017 Nate Fisher
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